Keeptop Non-Contact Voltage Tester with LCD Display – Live/Null Wire and Circuit Tester, Electrical Tester with Dual Range AC 12 to 1000V, Voltage Detector with Buzzer Alarm and Flashlight Tools & Home Improvement

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❤️ Non-Contact Design – The voltage tester features a non-contact and double-insulated design. The NCV sensor automatically identifies the voltage and alerts by sound and light. This voltage tester is safe for electricians, maintenance, service, safety personnel, and homeowners to test live circuits in the workplace or at home. ❤️ Dual Range Voltage Tester – This electrical tester comes with 2 sensitivity modes, high sensitivity mode (12-1000V AC) and low sensitivity mode (48-1000V AC). Simply press the “S” button to adjust the sensitivity for different needs and situations. ❤️ Sound and Light Alarm – When voltage is detected, the voltage tester will flash and beep. You can distinguish between a live wire and a null wire by the different sounds and LCD indicators. When the display is red means the high voltage and live wire are detected, green means the low voltage and null wire are detected. The higher the voltage detected, the higher the frequency of its beeping sound. ❤️ Auto Shut Off – To save energy and extend battery life, the voltage detector will automatically shut down after about 3 minutes of no operation. When the battery voltage falls below 2.5V, the screen will display the “Low Power Indicator” symbol. Please replace the battery promptly. ❤️ Compact Design – The probe is equipped with an LED light that doubles as an emergency flashlight, which is especially useful and convenient in dark work areas. The small size with pocket clip allows you to carry it easily and can help you quickly test circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets, wires, and more.

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10 reviews for Keeptop Non-Contact Voltage Tester with LCD Display – Live/Null Wire and Circuit Tester, Electrical Tester with Dual Range AC 12 to 1000V, Voltage Detector with Buzzer Alarm and Flashlight Tools & Home Improvement

  1. Rosemary Cooper

    Great product

  2. V. O. Ritter

    For decades I have been using an old neon light voltage detector for changing out switches and receptacles and troubleshooting sockets. One of the wires on my old tester broke recently and I decided to try this Non-Contact Voltage Tester as a replacement. It is a bit larger than the neon bulb version, but no wires to break! It is not necessary to shove probes into the outlet or touch bare wires to detect electric current. It does need a battery though – the neon version did not need batteries. This device does have an audible warning also however. I have only used it to replace one switch so far and it is simple to operate.

  3. wuisman

    Love the ease of understanding.

  4. Randall Sargeant

    I love how you can set the power sensitivity. It would have been nice to have the instructions a bit clearer , rather than receiving them through an email, but I’m definately satisfied with the price and quality of this tester.

  5. Carefreeed


  6. Michael Meredith

    I’ve been fooled once or twice by a live circuit that shouldn’t have been live, and this economical little tool prevents that. I’ve had similar gadgets, however they were sometimes unreliable, but this one gives me a clear reading every time.

  7. Kevin & LizKevin & Liz

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     I had an electrician change out a defective breaker and he was nice enough to show me how to do it on my own. He recommended that I get a voltage tester and he said that it’s an electrician’s best friend. I was able to confirm that the power was off on the breaker that I was going to pull out by using this. It works great checking if power is working at electrical outlets troubleshooting as well. This is a handy little tool and can be a lifesaver. I didn’t read their directions and it’s pretty easy to use. Just hold the power button down for 2 seconds and same to shut it off. Paying 10 bucks is definitely worth preventing getting shocked or electrocuted when being a do-it-yourselfer on changing breakers from a breaker panel. I highly recommend this little gadget.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Very handy.

  9. Matt

    Had to fix a non-functioning electrical outlet. Breaker switches were not flipped. Power to the house around the outlet was still intact. I used this voltage tester to determine that the outlet plugs were without voltage. Then was able to test the wires feeding the outlet and determined that the power was present. Just needed to swap out the outlet and…voila!…power was restored to the outlet. This device saved me time and money, helping me troubleshoot the problem quickly. The flashlight is a nice option, though I did not need it. The low and high settings do make a difference. The auto-power off function when it sits idle is also nice, for the sake of preserving batter life. Finally, it came preloaded with batteries, which I had not expected. Ready to use right out of the box.


    Still working with it, haven’t had enough electric work to give an accurate review, so far it’s been good

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