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Mr. Pen- non-contact detector determine the presence of magnetic field without contact Insulation operation ensures the safety of testing. You can use this non-contact AC voltage detection to check whether a cable, wire or socket contains AC voltage. lightweight, compact tool with pocket clip provides convenient storage and quick access. It can be used for home appliance repair, circuit inspection and DIY. Perfect tool for home users, electrical and electrical system engineers, etc.

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10 reviews for Mr. Pen- Voltage Tester, Electrical Tester, Non Contact Voltage Tester, Tester Electric, Electric Tester Pen, Voltage Detector, Electrical Testers, Voltage Tester Pen, Electricity Tester, Power Tester Tools & Home Improvement

  1. Big Boss

    This thing works the way it is supposed to and is easy to use. Anytime you are about to mess with something electrical, you should know that the power is off or which lead is hot for safety sake. I like the simplicity and the fact that is slightly bigger than a pen that I can keep in my pocket and handy while working. For the price, there is no reason why all DIY’ers would not want to have this handy tool.

  2. Jeff in Vermont, USA

    If you are just looking for a tester to see check to see if the wire you are about to touch is “hot” , this is the tester for you. Simply touch it to the wire, if it lights up, there is electricity. Simple as that. Inexpensive and easy to use, shockingly safer than not checking your wires prior to touching them. – LOL – JB

  3. DanielE

    I think is an absolute necessary tool when working with electricity in the home. It’s not as nervous as my laster tester, which used to freak out and beep if you picked it up or even looked at it funny. I guess I would prefer it to have false alarms rather than the other way round. Always test it on a known live source first to make sure it’s working and then test the source your working with.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I think everyone should have one! This works so easily. Great product!

  5. Charles Mason

    I purchased this to change out lighting fixtures around my house and wanted to insure there was no power when I switched them off..It’s very accurate and effective..Highly recommend for any type of electrical work.

  6. Amy SteinAmy Stein

    As a young man in 2022 I never thought a voltage tester could save my life. First allow me to set the scene. I came home to Mr. Pen waiting at my front door, it was the last piece needed to accomplish the feat of switching out a light switch. At first I tested out this voltage detector pen like a child with his brand new toy, as this was going to be my safety mechanism, on covered light switches and outlets. And let me tell you dear Amazon shoppers of the holy world, I was astonished at the immaculate sensitivity and power that this tester possess. After being confident in its functionality, I took it with me into the real battle grounds. I gracefully removed the light switch cover, sent the tester into the spider web of wires and they were hot. Wait this isn’t the tester’s moment of triumph just yet. I went to the basement and turned off the proper breaker switch. I once again sent the tester to test the wires, but this time I only tested the wires directly connected to the light switch terminals. When I received the signal that the wires were not receiving power, I began to disconnect the old light switch. (Little did I know there were more wires within the electrical box). Soon after as I finally got all the wires organized and unscrewed, I noticed a set of positive negative and ground wire all capped of off pushed into the back of the electrical box. Confusion struck across my brain as I pondered what the extra wires could be for. I was about to grab the wires and uncap them to see what their purpose was, but as I reached for them Mr. Pen started to beep rapidly, as if to tell me danger was near. I quickly stepped back and took in the situation, I decided to test the wires again, and I heard the same beep-beep-beep. At that moment I realized that I could have touched those wires and been seriously injured if not for the fact that I was unconsciously holding Mr. Pen in the same hand. On another scary note we could not locate a breaker that would shut off the wires so I had to keep them capped and work around them the whole time. I so desperately wished to treat my savior to a steak dinner in honor of its heroism, but alas he has no mouth to chew. I owe my health and perhaps my life to this product. The creators should hold a continuous sense of pride with them wherever they go. I wholeheartedly believe that this is the future that our ancestors in science ( like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein) hoped for the future of technology, and world where technological advancements can bring helpful improvements to society. Buy this product if you support anything or anyone that stands for good. On top of its proof of reliability and it’s worthiness of trust, it’s forgers included an expertly crafted, personal mustache sticker, and a pamphlet that I cannot describe any other way besides that it pulled at every single one of my heart strings. Buy this product and you will change for the better, thank you for reading and please consider the message, goodnight.

  7. Kathy

    Works great and easy to use.

  8. B. Allison

    This power pen is great to have in the tool box. I’ve found that it is very accurate and easy to use. Wouldn’t do electrical work without it.

  9. jim waters

    Confirming power is turned off at the Service Box prior to working on a circuit.Confirming power is back on.

  10. Fussy but Fair

    Given the price point, I was very happy to see that this worked flawlessly. It’s sensitive enough to detect current to wires, especially with wall plates removed. I found it didn’t always detect current through wall plates but you’re not in danger by carefully removing them.Just a note about the flashlight: if the batteries aren’t strong, the flashlight may not work but the device will still detect current. At first I thought mine was defective but after replacing the batteries with fresh ones, the light worked fine. Not a big deal so I don’t think Mr. Pen should lose any stars in the rating.

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