STAR BRITE Liquid Electrical Tape Black 1 OZ. Tube (084154) Industrial & Scientific

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Forms an airtight, protective, waterproof, UV resistant, dielectric coating Prevents corrosion on wires and terminals, protects against vibration Made in the USA Patented, UL-tested, fast drying formula Can be built-up with additional layers Adheres to all metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber and composite surfaces Stops terminal screws from loosening due to vibration
100’s of uses – bilge pumps, outdoor exposed wiring, sprinkler pumps, timers, underground wiring, outdoor lighting fixtures, instruments, anywhere a weatherproof and dependable connection is needed Can be applied to irregular shaped and hard to reach connections Show more

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10 reviews for STAR BRITE Liquid Electrical Tape Black 1 OZ. Tube (084154) Industrial & Scientific

  1. Craig Wallace

    I’ve been skeptical about purchasing this but glad I finally did. Really easy to use and bonds to anything.

  2. Scott D. Hampton

    My dad introduced me to this stuff years ago and originally I had the can with the brush. But I felt that the brush was really awkward for the thinner consistency- it always goops where you don’t want it gooping. At some point I figured out that the best approach is to squeeze out a small pool of this stuff on some wax paper and dip the wire in the pool. This way works much better as it picks up a uniform amount and you can build it up consistently as the liquid tape rapidly thickens.The shelf life of this stuff is incredible. I bought a tube back in 2013 and it’s still working perfectly!

  3. Sphene

    When I’m working in tight spaces, this is the best way I’ve found to insulate things. Kapton tape doesn’t stay and this does the job way better than generic adhesives I’ve tried (UV-set or cyanoacrolate)

  4. Ken

    Time will tell, but initially I am very satisfied. I used this to seal some cracked wiring on my boat’s outboard motor. Went on very easy and sealed the cracks, eliminating the need for me to replace the wires. I hope it will hold up over time. It is a little more thinner/fluid that I would have liked so I put on several coats as it dried. A thicker consistency would have been better for me, but that’s not a detracted on the product, just a preference on my part.

  5. Kay Bull

    This stuff is great for precision work due to the small tip. It doesn’t peel off super easy like the others I’ve used. It’s a little thinner than I would like, so I just use two coats. But if you’re not actively applying it to something, hold the tube upright! Especially when you open and close it. Otherwise you’re in for a mess.

  6. Amazon Customer

    I used the liquid tape on my keys to identify them for the back door and the front door. It makes it easier at night to find the right key. I also used the liquid tape on the conductors of my drill.

  7. Aberserker

    I bought this because I was being lazy and I just didn’t want to mess with tape

  8. MikeHT

    I own a couple of drones. I’ve found this product very useful in getting insulation on very large gauge wires and wires in hard to access places. This product can also be used as an adhesive for applications where you don’t want to have a permanent bond.

  9. Valhalla

    I like this stuff. I bought one tube, and after using it I ordered 2 more tubes right away. It works for many things, electrical yes, but also works well for sealing and waterproofing my leather boots along the seams.

  10. Rescue 51

    Working fine on ham radio antenna connections.Make sure you keep the tube pointing up when the cap is off and you’re not using it. If you lay it on it’s side with the cap off, it has a tendency to leak out.

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